Quopi AI Trader

About Quopi AI

Quopi AI is the pioneering trading bot developed by Quopi Ltd., a UK based financial software company. It represents a groundbreaking fusion of GPT models and expert trading guidance.
Quopi AI trading bot was developed by collecting and preprocessing financial data, including news articles, historical stock prices and educational content on GPT. This data was used to train the GPT model, which was then used to develop trading rules and strategies based on the insights gained from the data.
After multiple iterations, and backtesting of the trading bot on historical trading data, the Quopi AI trader was released live on January 4th, 2023. Since it's unveiling, the trading bot has performed with a high success rate, and never closed a single day of trading without a net profit.
Quopi AI at a glance: date of data collection - 16.06.2023
Read about the development of Quopi AI in our Whitepaper
Quopi AI started as a proof of concept, and at this point has grown to a promising trading tool accessible to any interested user, with or without prior trading background. We have harnessed the power of Artificial Intelligence to create a cutting-edge trading solution, which is available to anyone interested through the Quopi web application and the Quopi AI app for Android users. iOS app TBA.
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